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Top Things To Know When Relocating To Ireland

Removals to Ireland with Ark Relocation

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If you are like most people in the UK, you may have always wanted to travel to neighbouring countries like Ireland – the Emerald Isle, whose fame you may have heard about but never really had time to explore perhaps because of a constantly packed work schedule among other duties. During your visit, you may want to explore the culture as well acquaint your tongue with the culinary delights not to mention imbibe a few shots of their world-famous whiskey – and, when you finally land on the perfect town, you may have plans to eventually move to the republic of Ireland.

At Ark Relocation, we have helped many UK expats relocate to different cities and towns across Ireland over the years. Based on our experience and intense research, we have compiled an article detailing several key things you should know about Ireland.

Key Things To Know About Ireland

  • The local dialect used by residents of Ireland is Irish but most of the population is proficient in both spoken and written English.
  • The average cost of living in Ireland is slightly higher than that of the UK.
  • According to recent rankings, the Irish experience the second-best quality of life in the world.
  • Irish are generally happy and chatty people who love welcoming new visitors to their country.
  • You can immigrate to and work in Ireland from the UK without a VISA.
  • To drive on Irish roads, you need to first exchange your UK driving license for an Irish license.
  • Ireland receives a lot of rainfall throughout the year with the hottest months being between June and August.
  • The Irish love their pubs and whiskey (not whisky).

Top Places To Relocate To In Ireland

Ireland has something for everyone which is perhaps one of the reasons it ranks among the top tourist destinations in the world. Below is a short summary of some the most popular relocation destinations for UK expats and the top reasons for their popularity ...

  1. Dublin – Many great work opportunities, metropolitan lifestyle, diverse cultures and great nightlife.
  2. Galway – Many work opportunities especially for people in the tech sector and the town is a renowned centre for music and arts
  3. Kinsale –  A coastal town that is ideal for people looking to experience a serene lifestyle while enjoying the beauty of the Emerald Isle’s shorelines.
  4. Westport – A coastal town that is ideal for raising a family. Further, the beauty of the shorelines is a must-see and explore especially during the summer.
  5. Waterford – Small idyllic island that has the perfect geography for outdoor activities.

Hire Ark Relocations For Your Move To Ireland!

With over 3o years experience in relocating people from the UK to Ireland, we can easily guarantee you a smooth and seamless move to your preferred Irish destinations. 

Some of the reasons we are highly ranked by past clients (and why you should hire us) include:

  • We offer weekly relocations from the UK to Ireland.
  • We have innovative cost-saving strategies for clients relocating to the UK such as our part-load removals service where you only pay for the amount of space your items use up in the relocation van.
  • We offer free complimentary services such as free packing, loading and unloading services.
  • We have warehousing facilities both in Ireland and the UK where you can store your valuables both in the short and long term.
  • Our entire team is highly experienced with our removal van drivers having at least 10 years experience.
  • Our quotations and invoicing process is simple, straightforward and honest with no hidden costs.
  • We are licensed, accredited and fully insured.

To book our services for your upcoming, reach out to our team by calling 01908 311 001 or visit

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